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“The Joe von Herrmann Real Estate Team promised in writing to sell my house in under 90 days, or they would sell it for free, and then they did it in 3! They had helped me both buy and sell a home in the past, so when it came time to sell this home, I knew I would receive good service. But I didn’t expect this good of service. Erin and Joe helped me properly price my home, took care of all the details in getting ready to sell my home, handled all the small and complicated details of the sale, and made the whole process hassle-free."

by Ryan Sullivan

"Erin and the Joe von Herrmann Real Estate Team helped us find our dream home in Sonora. They made the process as hassle free as possible. We will recommend them to friends and family as a FIVE STAR group."

by Mike Vargas and Linda Cristiani

"Erin and the Joe von Herrmann Real Estate Team sold my house in less than two months and for 98% of original asking price. Erin gives outstanding service and always goes above and beyond. Best Realtor ever!

by Etresia de Bruin

"Joe and Becky guaranteed in writing to sell my home in under 90 days. They did it in 4! And they sold it for over my asking price. I couldn’t be happier”.

by Aaron Mattson

"After the death of my father, I received a referral from a close family friend to contact Erin with the Joe von Herrmann Real Estate Team to help me sell my father’s home. Erin and the Joe von Herrmann Team were unbelievable during this stressful time. The team sold my home fast and made it as hassle free as possible. I would highly recommend them to my friends and family."

by Sharon M.

“Erin and the Joe von Herrmann Real Estate Team helped me find the perfect house for my needs. Erin made buying a home as hassle free as possible and communicated every detail of the process. We highly recommend Erin and the Joe von Herrmann Team.”

by Ben and Carla Hansen

"Erin was very helpful and extremely patient with me as we began our adventure of buying my forever home. Over three months’ time Erin and Joe were there for me, looking at so many homes until we found the home that is perfect for me. I can’t thank Erin and Joe enough. My daughter and I are very happy here. THANK YOU!"

by Cheryl Cochrane

"I contacted Joe through Zillow and we discussed the type of home I was looking for. At the time I lived roughly three hours away so we needed to take advantage of the time I was here to look at homes that met my requirements and he and Becky did not disappoint. I’m not an experienced home buyer and they took care of everything for me. Their entire team was involved with every aspect and they did not try to impress me with jargon, I knew from the start I had found the right realtor as they spoke in terms I could understand. In the future, if I ever decide to move, I will definitely use Becky again to both sell my home and find a new one."

by Tom Porter

"We had a great home buying experience and loved working with Becky and Joe. They were always available to meet with us after hours as we had to come after work and from an hour away. We looked at many homes, sometimes in the pouring rain. Becky even found us a home to look at that was not yet listed on the MLS. Once we found our dream home, they took care of everything, meeting with inspectors and keeping us informed till the very end. And, they even donated money to Teen Cancer America in our name. We highly recommend the services of the Joe von Herrmann Real Estate Team for anyone wanting to purchase or sell a home. Thank you!"

by James Myers

"I am so thankful that Becky Silva was my Realtor. She not only helped me purchase my home, but when I needed extra things handled, she really came through and took care of every aspect. Not only is Becky a professional, she is a very good person. The type of person you would like as a friend. Thank you Becky!"

by Don Peck

"Becky Silva and the Joe von Herrmann Real Estate Team started by guaranteeing our satisfaction in writing that we would love our home, and they delivered on that promise. They were patient and low pressure, and found us the house we wanted to own, and not the house they wanted to sell us. And we love that they gave money in our name to Teen Cancer America! Thank you, Becky and Joe!"

by Ashley Romeo and Mark Boles

"Our agents were both great! They answered all questions we had and showed us every house we asked to see. They made our house buying experience wonderful.Thank you Becky and Joe!"

by John and Rose Walsh

"I am so thankful to have had the Joe Von Hermann team help me purchase my new home. Becky spent as much time as I needed to feel comfortable with my purchase. She not only supported me professionally but made buying my dream home in the mountains easy. Through her hard work and dedication she was able to find me a home that wasn’t even on the market yet. I thought my dreams weren't obtainable but with her help and the skills of the team I was able to stop dreaming and start doing. Life changing, life enriching and an overall wonderful experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! "

by Jamie Crenshaw

"The Joe von Herrmann team Guaranteed in Writing that I would love the home I chose to own, or they would sell it for free. They won't have to sell this home for free. I Love it! They communicated with me constantly and made sure to only show me houses that were very close to what I wanted. They also donated money in my name to Teen Cancer America. Becky was awesome! "

by Mindi Durland

"Erin and the Joe von Herrmann Real Estate Team promised to sell my home in less than 90 days, or they would sell it for free. They made good on that promise and sold my home in 30 days.” They "communicated well…and always gave it to me straight. I highly recommend them.”

by Kurt Erikson

"We were lucky to have Becky Silva from the Joe von Herrmann Team help us find our new home in the mountains! She was very patient with us as we looked at many homes. When we found the perfect one, she was able to help us through the sale, plus coordinate with the realtor selling our home to make it a seamless transition. Whenever any issues arose, she was right there taking care of every detail. She always kept us informed and was quick to respond to all our questions. And, at the end of the sale, her team donated money to Teen Cancer America in our name. Thank you, Becky, for all your help!”

by John and Mary Ann Fisher

“Wow! They were great. Becky was fantastic. She was there every step of the way. These guys saved our lives. From helping us to decide NOT to buy a couple places to helping us find the exact right one. When there was a problem during the escrow, she jumped right in and took care of it. They promised, in writing, to sell our new home for free if we didn’t love it. But that won’t be happening, because we love our new home. Thanks Joe! Thanks Becky!”

by Marc and Julia Torigiani