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Statistics Taken from Tuolumne County Association of Realtors (TCAR)
January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2019
All TCAR areas, Residential Listings

Sold Properties by all other agents.

Average Sold Price to Original Asking Price 93.97%

Average Days On Market is 113

Average Sale Price is $327,800


Joe von Herrmann Sold Properties with same criteria.

Average Sold Price to Original Asking Price 97.07% (3.1% higher).

Average Days On Market is 60 (47% lower, 53 Days/over 7 weeks faster).

On a sale of $327,800 (the average sale price of the criteria used above),
Joe's 3.1% higher rate equals $10,134 more profit for the seller.

In this time period only 67% of all agent's listings sold.
Joe sold 87% of his listings. He is 20% more likely to sell your home.

Joe Has The Buyers. In one database Joe has 500 Buyers In Waiting 
(those that have logged into Joe's website and actively searched for homes in Tuolumne County in the three months prior to January 18, 2020).

*That's right. If your home does not sell in under 90 days, Joe will not receive a commission. All other parties' fees and commissions remain, but Joe will not make a dime.
As in "Joe will sell it for free." If Joe represents the buyer in your sale, he will receive that portion of the commission.